Tourle new design camping resort tent shell shape luxury safari glamping tent

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Product Detail

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Product Description

It imitates the natural form of plants in nature, and bends the steel pipe into a certain arc to create a more stable figure. This luxurious and beautiful vacation tent has a cocoon shape. Be at one with nature and get away from the fast pace of the city. The natural minimalist design, combined with the comfortable and luxurious interior, is the perfect way to unwind. There are two sizes to choose from 5*7 and 5*9, which are very suitable for resort hotels.

Product Parameters

Size: 5*7*4.1 / 35㎡
Indoor size: 4.5*4.5*3.8 / 17.3㎡
Color: Cream
Outer cover material: 1680D PU oxford fabric/ 750gsm tensile membrane
Inner cover material: 900D PU oxford fabric
Water proof: Water resistant pressure (WP7000)
UV proof: UV proof (UV50+)
Structure: Ф76*1.5mm galvanized steel pipe
Wind Load: 90km/h
Connecting pipe: Ф83*2.0mm stainless steel pipe
Door: 2 doors with zipper mesh
Window: 4 windows with zipper mesh
Accessories: Stainless steel bolt and nail, plastic buckle, wind ropes etc

Interior layout

jhg (2)

jhg (1)

Product Details:

case (5)

Outer cover
1680D PU oxford fabric
Water resistant pressure (WP7000)
UV proof (UV50+)
flame retardant (US CPAI-84 standard)
mould proof

Inner cover
900D PU oxford fabric
Water resistant pressure (WP5000)
UV proof (UV50+)
flame retardant (US CPAI-84 standard)
mould proof

case (5)

case (5)

Galvanized steel pipe structure:
Ф76mm galvanized steel pipe
no crack, no deformation
surface polishing, anti-corrosion treatment environmental protection paint (withstand sun, rain)

Excellent cooperation cases

1.In Mexico :
Since the opening, profits have been rising steadily, tent room is a difficult to find a bed trend development. Investing in our Tourle Tent is really low cost, high profit.

tourletent-C300-case-1 (1)

tourletent-C300-case-1 (2)

2. Taiwan, China:
In Taiwan, many seaside scenery is very good, but there is no perfect accommodation experience. For the C-300 tent, it can be used even at the seaside, and it will be a very beautiful scenery line. The cocoon shape of the tent, with a high-quality steel tube frame, can withstand the sea breeze. Compared with traditional tents, this tent is perfectly combined with the seaside, attracting many tourists to experience seaside camping.

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