About Us


About Founder

I grew up in the countryside when I was a child. Therefore, in my growth process, accompanied by various plants and animals. I grew up with all kinds of plants and animals.

With China's progress and technology development, life has become different when I grow up. We can get from one place to another quickly, buy different foods in various countries and regions easily, obtain various information from various channels.

One day I walked on the street, I was stunned by the passing traffic.
We take the steel giant to shuttle in the city jungle every day for a better life. Looking around, I found this was not the better life what I want. The tall buildings, the blinding lights, the noise. Electronic signals are all around you. Like a marionette, pulling people from one position on the board to another.

I lost my way. Following the sunlight which Squeeze out of the gap between the tall buildings, passing the street which flowers grow in the gap, listening to the indistinct song of birds. Finally, I arrived at the city park, sitting on the bench which I would never have wasted my time, emptying myself.

The sun has a track through the trees. There is a sound in the breeze blowing through the trees. Birdsong can be accompanied by playing. Flowers can attract bees and butterflies. At this moment, I discovered what was missing in my life. I decided to go back to nature.

The decision made in 60 minutes will spend next 60 years of my life doing this.
Since the establishment of Tourle Tent in 2010, we have always adhered to the concept of natural life and engaged in outdoor products.
Look forward to embracing the natural life with you.


About Factory

Founded in 2010 and has 12 years of outdoor products production experience.
Comprehensive innovative enterprises that integrate design, production and sales. At the same time, ODM and OEM orders are undertaken, focusing on customer experience and confidentiality principles.

So far, we have a total of 128 employees, and we have the production area of about 30000 square meters. The product covers 5 large category, more than 200 models. A total of production and sales have exceeded the more than 1 millions tent and served 3 thousand customers.

Participate in the planning and design of more than 100 glamping sites, and participate in more than 500 glamping project construction. Adhering to the concept of nature life and close to nature. The production materials of our factory are close to nature, and the products are also fitting with the environment. The product is harmless to the natural environment and human health.



We have obtained ISO9001.ISO14001. ISO45001, (quality management system certificate, environmental management system certificate, occupational health and safety management system certification), and obtained 30 certificates, 50 patents. In 2012, we entered the overseas market.

Establish a functional group for our international customers, including project planning designers, product designers, business receptionists, production, transportation, installation, and after -sales personnel. A perfect team composition enables us to serve customers well.

We have a complete cooperation process for OEM and ODM customers. It can ensure both the customer's experience and the customer's commercial secrets. There are more than 3,000 OEM and ODM customer orders, and now they have begun to re-orders.

In the concept of natural life, we are constantly improving.
Looking forward to cooperating with you



Project Planning And Design

According to the client's business philosophy, the natural environment and the customs, manners and habits of the project site, we can achieve the client's profit target or achieve the client's business intention without damaging the local natural environment or slightly modifying the natural environment.


Campsite Construction Building

We have 12 years of experience in building construction and have obtained the qualification of building construction. We have undertaken more than 200 projects with 500 thousand building area, contain 100 thousand tents of 50 types.


Production & Delivery

After reaching an agreement with the customer and signing a contract to collect part of the advance payment. Arrange order production, 15-20 working days to complete production. Payment for the balance and arrange delivery. Feedback the tracking number to customers. Tracking the shipment information. Remind the customer to receive the goods. Inspection and confirmation. Installation instruction.


OEM and ODM Service

As we all know, the difference between OEM and ODM is the intellectual property rights. Therefore, for OEM customers, we focus more on the materials used, the production process and the packaging of the products. In order to ensure the effect that we are the customer's own factory. For ODM customers, we share product design concepts to produce reliable quality and environmentally friendly products.


Quality Guarantee And After-Sales Service

During the warranty period, we provide efficient after-sales service for problems arising from the product itself. For the problems caused by human factors, we provide repair guarantee. What we sell is not just products. Products make us have a link and common cause.



In general, we meet a lot of customers who have personal opinions about current products. Need to make slight adjustments to the material or appearance of the existing product. We do not charge for this micro-customization.