Trip Duba Explorers Camp Rest in luxury tents

On a wooded island in the heart of the Okavango Delta habitat is the small, newly opened Duba Expedition Camp. It's a lovely destination and is the only camp in the 77,000-acre (32,000-hectare) private Kwedi Reserve, home to palm-accented islands, floodplains and woodland.

Driving to see the game, and there's a lot of it. Look out for interactions between the lion prides and buffalo herds, as well as red lechwe, blue wildebeest, kudu, tsessebe, giraffe, elephant and hippo (happily wallowing in the swamps). If you're lucky, you'll see leopard, bat-eared fox and hyaena. Wildlife is regularly seen within the camp as well.

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The accommodation is tented and airy with expansive views, the furnishings are stylish and comfortable, the staff is helpful, the meals are delicious and there's plenty of game to see – if you follow the charming bridges that link the island to the wildlife areas.

Birdwatching. Okavango's offerings include the rare wattled crane, Pel’s fishing-owl, white-backed night-heron and marsh owl, and so many more. It's not unusual to see 80-plus bird species in three days.

Navigating the Okavango’s permanent channels by powerboat, depending on the water levels, is both invigorating and peaceful, as you idly watch the game, identify the birds or try your hand at some fishing.

Eating an amazing dinner on our balcony as the sun went down and then waking to see animals in a hunt and an elephant blocking our door. Truly African luxury at its best.

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Living in a light luxury tent on the wild African plains is a great experience.
A good ventilation system allows you to breathe the atmosphere of nature at all times. The insect -proof net can also make you live more comfortably.
Disassembly walls, large -sized windows, allow you to have a wider field of vision.

Post time: Oct-21-2022