Transparent polycarbonate board bubble house

For resorts, hotels, villas, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. need a comfortable place to rest or live. We recommend this bubble house. It can bring customers a different experience of living, dining, rest and entertainment.

The structure of Bubble house is assembled by aluminum profile structure and polycarbonate board. Its covering material has the advantages of high light transmission, UV resistance and impact resistance. Compared with glass, it is not easy to break, has more appearance, and is lighter in weight. In terms of size, it has different diameters from 3 to 9 meters. It can meet various usage purposes in various venues.

Bubble house product weight 260KG-1160KG; flame retardant grade B1; no smell; can be used for 20 years under normal environment; modular composition and screw fixing. By the way, avoid scratches during installation, which can lead to a bad customer experience. Of course, due to its modular design it can be dismantled and reinstalled many times.

The bubble house can be equipped with multiple windows for natural ventilation. In cold areas, you can purchase a bubble house with a double-layer structure, which has better thermal insulation effect.

Bubble house has a panoramic view and is equipped with full shade curtains. Well designed to enjoy the view and protect the privacy


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Post time: Jun-15-2023