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A wagon tent, also known as a covered wagon tent or chuck wagon tent, is a type of tent that is designed to resemble the covered wagons used by pioneers and settlers during the 19th century. These tents are typically large, sturdy structures that are supported by a frame and covered with durable canvas or similar material.

Wagon tents are often used for camping or outdoor events where a rustic or historical theme is desired. They provide ample space for sleeping, dining, and storage, making them suitable for families or groups of campers. Additionally, wagon tents may feature windows, doors, and other amenities to enhance comfort and convenience.

The design of wagon tents evokes a sense of nostalgia and adventure, harking back to a time when pioneers traversed the wilderness in search of new opportunities. As such, they are popular among history enthusiasts, reenactors, and anyone looking to experience a taste of the Old West.

The Tourle wagon tent needs to be packaged as a whole during transportation due to its size. The structure of the Wagon tent is wooden structure and steel structure. Customers do not need to process the products again after receiving them. It has integrity, so it has a larger size.

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