Tourle tree tent

When we were kids, we all had a dream about a tree house more or less.

This dream is an embodiment of adventure, of nature, of bravery and breakthrough.

A house built on a tree. It has a good view of the surrounding environment. It has the function of waterproofing, keeping warm and providing protection.

A tree house can accompany a child throughout his or her development. Its influence is able to continue the whole life of the child.

tree tent (3)

Generally speaking, the manufacture of a tree house requires a lot of wood and a large, sturdy tree. We need to build a platform on the branches, build walls and a roof, and then design a way to enter the tree house.

Now, we offer a new tree house solution.

This tree house solution has a much better performance. In terms of waterproofing, insulation and safety performance. It is also very simple to build, requiring only a few steel locking fixing points.

Inside, it has more space and can be used for the whole family. More windows allow for better ventilation and the insect screens on the windows make it better in terms of comfort.

tree tent (5)

This is one of our tree houses. It is a sub-category of Dome tent. Of course, we also have many tents suitable for deep forest environments, such as the Safari tent and the bell tent.


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Post time: Mar-03-2023