Movable all-terrain igloo boat-Aurorahut

aurorahut (1)
aurorahut (1)

As we surfed the web, we found this amazing design and product---Aurorahut®

It is not a boat but has the functions of a boat, it is not an igloo but has the residential properties of a cabin.

While floating on the water, it can also be placed in any body of water all year round. The ability to sail freely and spend the night on the water allows you to choose to camp anywhere you like in the summer, preventing mosquito bites to enjoy a cool, comfortable life on the water. When winter comes, you can use the snowmobile and tow it anywhere you want to place it to enjoy the various views.

it requires no infrastructure, construction or setup costs of a traditional holiday destination. In addition to saving money, nature is saved from the eternal scars caused by water, sewage, power lines and roads.

Post time: Dec-02-2022