How to transport and install Star capsule

Due to the special nature of star capsule. Its transportation and installation are different from other conventional glamping houses.
When we designed and produced the star capsule, we gave it uniqueness. We have completed all its equipment and facilities at the beginning, and customers only need to place the star capsule in a sturdy location when receiving it. At the same time, when water and electricity are connected, services can be provided to passengers.
Therefore, the transportation method of star capsule is overall transportation.

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Glamping is a portmanteau of "glamorous" and "camping." It refers to a style of camping that combines the experience of outdoor living with luxurious amenities and comforts more commonly associated with upscale accommodations. Instead of traditional tents and sleeping bags, glamping often involves staying in yurts, safari tents, treehouses, domes, cabins, or other types of unique and well-appointed accommodations.

Glamping sites typically offer amenities such as comfortable beds, electricity, running water, heating or air conditioning, private bathrooms, and sometimes even gourmet meals and spa services. The aim is to provide guests with the opportunity to connect with nature while enjoying the convenience and luxury of a high-end resort or hotel.

Glamping has become increasingly popular among travelers who seek adventure and relaxation but prefer not to sacrifice comfort and convenience. It appeals to a wide range of people, including families, couples, and solo travelers, who want to experience the great outdoors without roughing it.

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