A new prefabricated house

During the years of being engaged in the manufacture of camp tents. We have produced and developed a wide variety of tents.

However, today. We introduce a prefabricated house to you.

It comes from a factory in China that specializes in manufacturing prefabricated houses.

It has a variety of appearance and space to choose from according to the different needs of customers.

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The uniqueness and luxury make it different. Of course, its price is also different from the conventional camp tents.

The series price is from 20,000 to 72,000. This makes its customer base very small.

Conventionally speaking, visitors of the camp need comfortable living environment and reasonable pricing. This is the best way to attract customers.

So how to control the investment in the campground.

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The most important point is. Choose the camp tent with reliable quality and reasonable price.

Touro Tent. The minimum price for a 6m diameter dome tent is 1100USD/SET and the minimum price for a 5*9M safari tent is 1650USD/SET.

We have many styles of camping products. Please feel free to inquire.


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Post time: Feb-03-2023