Manufacturer Carriage Prefab House Outdoor Tent For Living Homestay Hotels

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Product Description

Conestoga carriage tent is one of the most popular camping tents, it is "full-featured, 2M long, 2×1M9 wide, the two ends of the lying area can be opened, the outer account is made of wear-resistant polyester fabric PU3000MM UV-proof-waterproof layer is turned up to 3000mm, Anti-ultraviolet filter. Waterproof, moisture-permeable, breathable, insulating, windproof, warm. The tarpaulin is equipped with SBS zipper.
The "storage" adopts solid natural rubber tires, which are wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, anti-skid, corrosion-resistant, anti-static, etc. It adopts high-quality galvanized steel, steel pipe, square steel, and all-metal welded structure. The main frame adopts galvanized steel pipe 4cm*6cm , the thickness is 2mm-2.5mm, and the thickness of the steel plate used is 1-1.2mm. The lines are smooth, simple and tough, and the proportion is harmonious. Flexible and flexible, it is the first choice for outdoor tents.

Product Parameters

Size: 6.40*2.20*2.60
Indoor size: 5.60*1.80*1.90
Color: burlywood color, or customized
Shock absorption: Use custom 8mm spring, each car has 4 groups of spring composition,
good damping effect, high durability.
braking systems: Tubing using copper tube, copper tube corrosion resistance, Electric car brake, using hydraulic hub brake.
Wheel tyre: "Adopt solid natural rubber tire, with wear resistance, high temperature resistance, skid resistance, corrosion resistance and
anti-static characteristics.
Sparepart: All U wire, screws, nuts, hub sleeve are galvanized, anticorrosive and rust resistant.

Product Details

Interior layout

design (1)
design (2)

design (4)

High quality wear-resistant tent:
PU3000MMUV-Waterproof 3000MM,
UV Protection, Waterproof, Breathable,
Insulation, Windproof, Sign Up

Preservative wood 
Anticorrosive wood, high temperature (generally above 180℃) carbonization treatment, to a certain anticorrosive grade.
Anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-fungus, anti-insect, anti-mildew and waterproof, etc

Tipi tent wood pole glamping safari tent luxury outdoor party wedding tent (2)(1)

Excellent cooperation cases

1.Xinjiang, China:

Speaking of Xinjiang, the scenery varies throughout the year. In spring and summer, the towering snow-capped mountains towering into the blue sky from afar, the lush virgin forests at the foot of the mountains are embedded on the edge of the endless pastures, and the flocks of sheep are sprinkled in the green pastures, like white sails cruising in the green ocean. The endless fields of wheat, cotton fields, and corn are full of vitality, which is simply a replica of the beautiful south of the Yangtze River. If you go for a walk in southern Xinjiang, you will definitely feel the peculiar scenery that is different from the mainland: blue sky and white clouds above your head, vast sandy sea in the distance, green crops close by, wandering on the tree-lined road far away from the sky, you From far away, you can smell the fragrance of cantaloupe wafting from the fields. In the valleys and grasslands of Xinjiang, there are many carriage tents, which are easy to move and are welcomed by many people.

case (1)
case (2)

2.Ningxia, China:
On the mountain, a homestay also purchased this tent. It is easy to move, a little retro, and is loved by many people.

case (3)
case (4)

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