Factory Price Outdoor Glamping Tent Hotel House Luxury Glamping Snow-resistant Winter Glamping Hub

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Luxury Eco Hotel Decoration Prefab Transparent Geodesic Waterproof Glamping Dome tent House

Dome tents have emerged as the epitome of luxury and comfort in the realm of glamping.With its charming charm, it attracts camp operators from all over the world. They grace the landscape and their unique design guarantees clients a luxurious glamping experience in 4 seasons.

More than just a tent, these dome structures can also be used as hotel tents. The Geodesico dome tent not only meets the client's need for enjoying the natural environment, but also meets the client's need for comfortable living. The robust framework guarantees stability, ensuring that the tent can withstand the test of time and the elements. Its adaptability to various natural environments makes it a versatile haven for those seeking to explore diverse landscapes. Moreover, its installation is hassle-free, guided by comprehensive videos that ensure a smooth setup. Crafted from 850g white PVC coated fabric and featuring a framework of Hot-Dip Galvanized steel tubes with a white painted finish, these tents stand as a testament to durability, promising over two decades of use. The customizable nature of these tents allows for a personalized experience, with options ranging from skylights, glass doors, and PVC round doors to stove holes catering to individual preferences.

Spanning diameters from 4 to 80 meters, dome tents exhibit a variety of sizes to suit different needs. While typically semi-circular, customizations extend to oval and large hemispherical shapes, allowing for tailored solutions. The allure of the dome tent goes beyond its structural form; customers have the liberty to choose the color of the tent and even determine the level of transparency of the covering material, adding a touch of individuality.The geodesic dome structure finds diverse applications, from grand exhibitions and celebrations to outdoor events and living abodes. They also make for striking greenhouses and, fittingly, outdoor glamping huts. This versatile product's aesthetics blend seamlessly with its functionality, rendering it the preferred choice of those who seek premium quality and wish to showcase brand charm. The ingenious structural design ensures swift and efficient construction, enabling these domes to seamlessly transition into semi-permanent, self-contained structures.

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Product Parameters

Size: from diameter 3m to 50m
Frame Material: Q235 Hot Galvanized Steel Tube with Baking Finish
Cover Material: 850g PVC coated fabric
Color: White, Transparent or Customized
Use Life: 10-15 years
Door: 1 glass door or PVC round door
Wind Load:  100km/h
Window: glass window or PVC round window
Snow Load: 75kg/㎡
Features: 100% waterproof, flame retardant, mildew proof, anti-corrosion, UV protection
Temperature: Can resist temperature from -40℃ to 70℃
Accessories: fixed base, crew and so on


We founded in 2010 and has 12 years of outdoor products production experience.
Comprehensive innovative enterprises that integrate design, production and sales. At the same time, ODM and OEM orders are undertaken, focusing on customer experience and confidentiality principles.

So far, we have a total of 128 employees, and we have the production area of about 30000 square meters. The product covers 5 large category, more than 200 models.

Product Details:

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Optional accessories:
To meet the needs of different customers, our dome tent accessories are flexible and adjustable. You can choose the accessories that is suitable for you.

Available size of the tent:

Diameter size(m) Height(m) Area(㎡) Frame Pipe Size(mm)
5 3 20 Φ26x1.5mm
6 3.5 28.3 Φ26x1.5mm
8 4.5 50.24 Φ32x1.5mm
10 5.5 78.5 Φ32x2.0mm
15 7.5 177 Φ32x2.0mm
20 10 314 Φ42x2.0mm
30 15 706.5 Φ48x2.0mm

Installation Guide:
2-3 person install the structure according to the No. of the tube in the drawing, put it in the correct position. Then put the outer canvas on the frame and ensure accurate location of door, pull the canvas hard to the bottom. Then, use canvas rope to fix the canvas on the frame

The force performance of the geodesic dome tent is quite good, the safety factor is extremely high, the appearance is exquisite, and the changes are rich. It is touted as "the most space-efficient, lightest and most efficient in design".

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