Cotton canvas waterproof large outdoor party tipi glamping tent for resort family camping

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Product Description

This is the most popular tent that people use for wedding parties. A combination of luxury and nature, away from the fast pace of the city. Natural minimalist design combined with comfortable and luxurious interiors. M10 series tent sizes are: 6*6m, 8*8m, 10*10m, material and size can be customized.

The interior space of the tent is very large. When three tipi tents are put up together, it is like an iconic building, and it is easy to impress others. The later the night, the more brilliant he can shine. When everything is quiet, only he is the most lively center.

The simple log post and canvas design makes the tent setup very simple. You can also wrap flowers and lanterns around the internal posts, which will look extra romantic.

Cotton canvas waterproof large  (3)

Cotton canvas waterproof large  (4)

Product Parameters

Unfold Size: 12.2*12.2*7.48/ 117㎡
Indoor size: 10*10*7.48 / 78.5㎡
Color: Cream
Outer cover material:  500gsm cotton canvas
Water proof: Water resistant pressure (WP5000)
UV proof: UV proof (UV50+)
Structure: Ф 80-105mm anticorrosion wood
Wind Load: 90km/h
Connecting pipe: Ф88-103*2.0mm stainless steel pipe
Accessories: Stainless steel bolt and nail, plastic buckle, wind ropes etc,

Product Details

Interior layout


Tipi tent wood pole glamping safari tent luxury outdoor party wedding tent (2)(1)

500gsm cotton canvas fabric:
500gsm cotton canvas fabric
Water resistant pressure (WP7000)
UV proof (UV50+)
flame retardant (US CPAI-84 standard)
mould proof

Anticorrosion wood structure:
Ф80-105mm anticorrosion wood
no crack, no deformation
surface polishing, anti-corrosion treatment environmental protection paint (withstand sun, rain)

Tipi tent wood pole glamping safari tent luxury outdoor party wedding tent (2)(1)

Excellent cooperation cases

1.In Europe:
The large Tipi is widely used in the outdoor parties, weddings can be a good scenery.

case (1)
case (2)

2.In the United States:
Outdoor parties on the grass is very popular

case (3)
case (4)

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