Tourle tent provides you with overall camp solution.

Tourle tent provides a one -stop service for the camp. In the early stage, including the planning and design of the area, tents and supporting facilities; later, including on -site construction links, etc. This solution can help build a new service model for construction engineering camps and leisure camping.

 When planning and designing the campsite, it is necessary to consider that the damage to the natural environment is minimized, and it is integrated with the natural environment and matched with the natural environment. The planning of tourist camps is affected by the natural environment such as road traffic, topography, vegetation, lighting, ventilation, etc. Especially the camping area has high requirements for the terrain, slope, and drainage of the site. In addition, the planning and design of tourist campsites must meet the requirements of smooth traffic of vehicles. The basic functions should be arranged according to the characteristics of topography and natural resources when planning. In the planning and design of campsites, the harmony of the natural environment is the most indispensable part. 

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When customers need some simple camping solutions, we recommend star capsule. This product integrates the existing features of all hotel tents, and its design concept is more advanced. A star capsule includes all the hotel tent items, and the customer does not need to add or modify the tent again. Items such as electricity, lighting, furniture, toilets, etc. have been included. One-piece design, when installing, the customer only needs to prepare 3 foundations for it, and connect the water supply pipe and drain pipe at the same time.

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