Pyramid glass house

People's need for shelter safety is innate.

The shell of a hermit crab, the nest of a weaver bird, these are all expressions of an animal's need for security.We are all part of the natural world.

Now, when we are living, instinctively we are also concerned about safety as an issue.

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Today we are recommending this Pyramid Glass House, which is suitable for a variety of solid and basic environments.

Its inspiration comes from the Egyptian pyramid. Pharaohs look up at the starry sky and swim in the universe on the earth.

It consists of safety glass and metal framework. It can withstand a strong impact, and it has excellent transparency.

When you live in it, you don't have to worry about safety issues at all, and you can feel the purest natural atmosphere.

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The wall is double -layer glass and hollow, which can better play the effect of heat insulation.The top has exhaust measures and anti-mosquito interference.

The thickened metal frame makes it more stable overall.

This is a special product that may make your campsite more distinctive.

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Post time: Feb-20-2023