A fully transparent geodesico dome tent.

From the physical properties of materials, our covering materials for dome tents are divided into flexible materials and rigid materials. We generally use 850g white color PVC coated fabric, 950gsm clear PVC. At the same time it has 100% waterproof, super weather resistance, flame retardant, anti mildew, anti corrosion, UV protection and other characteristics. In terms of structural strength, we use galvanized steel pipes and paint them. It can reach Wind Load: 80-120km/h Snow Load: 75kg/㎡.

When we use rigid materials. We will choose glass and acrylic panels. When we make a glass dome, the glass is heavy, so it is still necessary to design a skeleton to carry the glass. When using the acrylic board, it is not easy to be damaged and can complete the entire dome tent by itself.

Each material has its unique advantages and disadvantages. Choosing materials suitable for the environment can better highlight the style of the dome.


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Post time: Apr-27-2023