Exhibition Sun-Proof PVC Fabric Outdoor Event Aluminium Frame Pagoda Tent for Sale

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Product Detail

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Product Description

A pagoda tent, also known as a gazebo tent or Chinese hat marquee, is a type of portable and temporary outdoor structure often used for various events and functions. These tents are characterized by their unique and distinctive shape, which typically resembles a multi-tiered pagoda or temple roof. Here are some of the special features of pagoda tents:


Unique Design: Pagoda tents have a stylish and elegant design that sets them apart from traditional rectangular or square tents. Their peaked roofs with multiple layers give them a distinctive and eye-catching appearance.

Stability: The pyramid-shaped roof design of pagoda tents provides excellent stability, making them suitable for outdoor events, even in windy conditions.

Versatility: Pagoda tents are versatile and can be used for a wide range of events, including weddings, parties, outdoor exhibitions, trade shows, festivals, and corporate events.

Easy Assembly

These tents are designed for quick and easy assembly, typically requiring a minimal number of people and tools. This makes them suitable for both professional event organizers and individuals hosting smaller gatherings.


Pagoda tents can be customized with various accessories and features to meet specific event requirements. This includes sidewalls, flooring, lighting, heating, air conditioning, and branding options.

Branding Opportunities

Pagoda tents can be branded with logos, banners, and graphics, offering an excellent opportunity for businesses and sponsors to promote their brands at events.

Product Parameters

Type Pagoda Tent
Side Length 3-12 m
Frame Material GB6061-T6, aluminum alloy
Color White /clear / or customized
Accessory PVC Door or Glass Door ,Curtains,decoration lining,Insulaiong,Ventilation window ect
Life Span more than 20years(framework)
Feature Flame retardant, waterproof, DIN 4102 B1 (European standard), M2, CFM, UV resistant, tear resistant
Wind Load 100km/h


We founded in 2010 and has 12 years of outdoor products production experience.
Comprehensive innovative enterprises that integrate design, production and sales. At the same time, ODM and OEM orders are undertaken, focusing on customer experience and confidentiality principles.

So far, we have a total of 128 employees, and we have the production area of about 30000 square meters. The product covers 5 large category, more than 200 models.

Product Details

Interior layout

design (1)

Size Chart for Reference
Size Side Height/m Peak Height/m Main Frame profile/mm Snow Load(KN/㎡)
3m*3m 2.5m 4.2m 65*65mm 0.3KN/sqm
4m*4m 2.5m 4.8m 65*65mm 0.3KN/sqm
5m*5m 2.5m 5.2m 65*65mm 0.3KN/sqm
6m*6m 2.5m 5.8m 65*65mm 0.3KN/sqm
8m*8m 2.6m 5.4m 122*68mm 0.3KN/sqm
10m*10m 2.6m 6.4m 122*68mm 0.3KN/sqm
15m*15m 3m 8.1m 122*68mm 0.3KN/sqm

design (2)
Roofing system
The roof is made of excellent double-sided PVC coated synthetic fiber cloth material. The tarpaulin has strong anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, anti-ultraviolet and flame retardant properties, and the flame retardancy is in accordance with DIN 4102 B1, M2; BS7837 / 5438; American NFPA70, etc. have reached international standards. The longest service life of tarpaulin is 10 years.
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Base System
The tents have no special requirements for the construction site, and generally flat grounds such as sand, grass, asphalt, cement and tile floors can be safely used. It is suitable for rapid installation or disassembly in different environments. It has good flexibility and safety. It can be widely used in outdoor activities, commercial exhibitions, festivals, catering and entertainment, industrial storage, sports venues and so on.
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Excellent cooperation cases

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1.In USA:
Flexibility and convenience for trade fairs held outdoors

phone (2)

2.Xiamen, China:
New car launch, flexible disassembly, beautiful venue layout

phone (3)

3.In Italy:
Temporary party tent, simple and elegant appearance, flexible disassembly

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