Aluminium Structure Round Design Function Tent with Multi-Sides

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Product Description

A multi-sided tent, often referred to as a polygon tent, is a type of temporary structure used for various events and outdoor activities. Unlike traditional tents with rectangular or square shapes, multi-sided tents have more complex and distinctive shapes, typically featuring multiple sides or facets.

Common options include hexagonal (six sides), octagonal (eight sides), and decagonal (ten sides) tents, but they can have even more sides depending on the design. they are often constructed with durable aluminum frames and weather-resistant fabric covers. This construction ensures durability and longevity, allowing for multiple uses.

These tents typically offer a spacious interior with no central support poles, which allows for maximum usable space. This makes them suitable for events with a large number of guests, such as weddings, trade shows, exhibitions, corporate events, festivals, and more. They can serve as event venues, exhibit spaces, or unique dining areas.

Multi-sided tents offer a unique and visually appealing option for hosting events, and their versatility makes them a practical choice for a wide range of occasions. Whether you're looking to create an elegant wedding venue, a striking exhibition space, or an impressive corporate event area, multi-sided tents can provide a stylish and functional solution.

Product Parameters

Type Multi side Tent
Diameter 8-40 m
Frame Material GB6061-T6, aluminum alloy
Color White /clear / or customized
Roof Cover 850g/sqm Double PVC-coated Polyester Textile
Side Wall Glass Wall,sandwich Panel Wall,PVC Walls,ABS Wall,etc.
Accessory PVC Door or Glass Door ,Curtains,decoration lining,Insulaiong,Ventilation window ect
Life Span more than 20years(framework)
Feature Flame retardant, waterproof, DIN 4102 B1 (European standard), M2, CFM, UV resistant, tear resistant
Wind Load 100km/h

Product Details


Size Chart for Reference
Diameter Side Height Ridge height Main Frame Profile Wind Load Snow Load
8m 2.5m 3.96m 84x48mm 80km/h 0.3KN/M2
10m 2.6m 4.62m 122x68mm 80km/h 0.3KN/M2
12m 3m 5.85m 122x68mm 100km/h 0.3KN/M2
15m 3m 5.49m 166x88mm 100km/h 0.3KN/M2
20m 3.5m 7.31m 204x112mm 100km/h 0.3KN/M2
25m 4m 8.12m 204x112mm 100km/h 0.3KN/M2
30m 4m 8.7m 250x120mm 100km/h 0.3KN/M2
40m 4m 9.68m 300x120mm 100km/h 0.3KN/M2

Roofing system
The roof is made of excellent double-sided PVC coated synthetic fiber cloth material. The tarpaulin has strong anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, anti-ultraviolet and flame retardant properties, and the flame retardancy is in accordance with DIN 4102 B1, M2; BS7837 / 5438; American NFPA70, etc. have reached international standards. The longest service life of tarpaulin is 10 years.

tourletent-multisidetent-case-1 (4)

multi side tent-case1

The tents have no special requirements for the construction site, and generally flat grounds such as sand, grass, asphalt, cement and tile floors can be safely used. It is suitable for rapid installation or disassembly in different environments. It has good flexibility and safety. It can be widely used in outdoor activities, commercial exhibitions, festivals, catering and entertainment, industrial storage, sports venues and so on.

Excellent cooperation cases

tourletent-multisidetent-case-11 (1)

1.For Wedding:
The structure is simple, requiring little foundation, and can be assembled on all types of ground.

tourletent-multisidetent-case-12 (2)

2.For Reception:
The expansion of the event venue. Give visitors a more comfortable experience.

tourletent-multisidetent-case-13 (3)

3.For Restaurant:
Variability in the purpose of site use. A wider space has more ways to be used.

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